Download the latest version for Windows, Linux and Mac:

Mac OS X with java 1.6 should download this one instead:

Change Log

16/10/2022 Version 1.6.0

– Option to disable renaming line in combine section
– Drag files to reorder fixed in mac
– Notarized app for mac
– jre embebed in all platforms
– Minor bugs fixed

25/02/2014 Version 1.5.8

  • Selection method is done through checkboxes now
  • Files can be renamed manually (good for fine tuning)
  • Ability to change timestamps
  • Info panel warns about errors and allow to browse wrong files
  • Some changes in import log tool
  • Some cosmetic changes in GUI
  • As always, bugs fixed

08/11/2013 Version 1.5.6

  • Differents enumerations are properly displayed in spinners model
  •  New concept for custom renaming from user list
  •  Option to drop folder’s contents instead of the folder itself
  •  If desired, copy files along with their folders structure
  •  If desired, copy only files that will actually be renamed
  •  Option to collect folders, instead of files, in recursive searches
  •  User defined trash characters
  •  Open recent documents
  •  Mac OS X version now includes jre embeded, so no Java installation is needed. No support for 32 bits
  •  Replace: Hability to capture groups in regular expressions
  •  Some old bugs fixed

Installing on Linux

  • Download the file
  • Add execute permissions:
# chmod +x
  • Run the installer:
$ ./

You should now have vRenamer on your desktop